Monday, September 5, 2011

Scandal Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Scandal Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: Scandal Sheet Marc Anthony says 'I'll always love Jennifer
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony attend the 2006 Latin Recording Academy Person Of The Year Tribute honoring Ricky Martin at Sheraton Hotels & Towers November 1, 2006 in New York City.

-Marc Anthony is breaking his silence about his split from J.Lo in a new interview with ABC News.-Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez is busy making cutesy videos for Kohl's. 
-New mommy Kate Hudson is already back in bikini. She is a brave, brave woman. 
-Crazy: Russell Armstrong's business partner also killed himself that same week. 
-Meanwhile, The Real Housewives premiere will go ahead as scheduled 
- but will include new suicide PSAs. That makes everything better, right? 
-Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio spent their weekend Down Under at the zoo. But where are the cutesy photos?!? Ryan Gosling has spoiled us. 
-Mel Gibson has agreed to pay $750,000 to Oksana Grigorieva over the next five years in their custody agreement. 
-Congrats to Alyssa Milano, who just welcomed a son. 
-The female bus driver who accused Matthew Fox of assaulting her (in a little incident I've dubbed BoobPunch2011) has officially pressed charges.
-George Clooney arrived in Venice today by boat. Yum. 
-In a new FunnyorDie video, Don Cheadle proves that not all superheroes are super.-T.I. was released from prison this morning. Hands up if you forgot he was in the clink! Just me?-I am LOVING Kelly Clarkson's new song! Should I be admiting that out loud?-Things I probably could have lived without knowing: Lady Gaga wore a fake penis to the VMAs.-Here's our first look at Henry Cavill on the Superman set. Well, hello there! 

-Do you want to see Snooki reading the news? Too bad; she did it anyway.-The Nick Offerman call was as amazing as I'd hoped it'd be. He IS Ron Effing Swanson. The article is coming soon, but here's a sample quote: "Every time I'm handed a new script, I feel like a large-mouth bass at a nightcrawler convention."-Sarah Jessica Parker is impressively good at deflecting kisses from strangers.-Who else thinks Amy Sedaris would make the most awesome BFF ever?-Not surprisingly, Tupac's family isn't thrilled with reports a hip hop group smoked his ashes.-Judging from the new promo, it looks like a former couple might be rekindling their romance on How I Met Your Mother this season.

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